Now Available in America, The MAXXIS WET SCREAM!

For a while now the Maxxis Wet Scream DH tire has been a very, very, very hard to get tire. Available only in Europe for the last couple years and recently imported to the US at crazy high prices. Maxxis has released a batch of these tires to the US.

Now g.h.y. bikes has them! These tires have won numerous world cup events and have done it in all types of weather. It’s a popular thing to cut down the center lugs for better traction in dry conditions, stability through roots/rocks & less rolling resistance. So if you find yourself riding in wet, sloppy, soft, Wet Scream Maxxis Super Tacky 1fresh conditions or you want to do a little plastic surgery to these and run them on hard pack they will get you where you need to go, and fast.

These tires are the stuff world champions are made of & available to you from g.h.y. bikes for $70!

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