2011 Transition BottleRocket

Light fuse and hold-on…

We classify the BottleRocket as the original slopestyle bike that set the standard for a new generation of bikes. Knowing not everyone has access to a slopestyle park we designed the BottleRocket to be one of the best do it all short travel freeride bikes around. Our customers use their BottleRockets for almost every type of riding and who can blame them. The bike is just at home in the air doing tricks as it is railing singletrack or shredding Whistler trails.

The BottleRocket geometry created a revolution for a new style of bikes to come and to this day we haven’t changed the magic numbers that we feel achieved perfection. The combination of shorter chainstay lengths, lower BB and the perfect head angle all work together to create a ride that is one of our funnest bikes. Responsive in corners, easy to manual and bunny hop and complete stability in the air all add up to one of our most versatile geometries we have ever created.

The first thing you notice about the BottleRocket frame is how the lines flow together. Every detail concerning the look and performance were carefully thoughtout to create a frame that reflected our desire to make the cleanest looking bike on the market. The 1.5″ headtube gives you infinite fork choices and the classic round tubing mated to CNC’d shock mounts and yokes finish off the look. The one piece rocker and seatstay yoke create a rear end that is out of control stiff and the oversized sealed bearings that are all the same size at all four pivots make maintenance about as easy as it can get.

The suspension setup on the BottleRocket uses a 2.25″ stroke for a low leverage ratio and a smooth consistent leverage rate that gets slightly progressive at the end of the stroke. The suspension is easily tuned, provides great small bump sensitivity with out any bottom out issues. This also allows the use of an air shock or coil where you don’t have to run high air pressure or spring weights to get a perfect setup.

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