2011 Transition Double

double your pleasure, double your fun…

It is no surprise that short travel full suspension bikes are some of the funnest and most versatile bikes to ride and our Double is no exception. Originally built as a full suspension dirt jumping bike we soon found that it excelled as a short travel slopestyle bike as well as racing dual slalom courses. We even use our Doubles to shred local singletrack trails. No matter what you use it for it is one of the easiest bikes to fall in love with due to it’s quick handling, ability to jump and corner with the greatest of ease as well as bunny hop and manual like a hardtail.

The Double is packed with features that make it stand out from the crowd starting with our very own custom formed tubeset. The tubes were designed to specifically mate up to our tapered headtube for maximum strength. Internal gussets make the front end look extremely clean while making it stronger. The rocker features our travel adjustment chip for switching between 80mm or 100mm of travel extremely easy. We finish the Double out with our classic sloping lines into the rear stays and internal cable housing to make one of the cleanest bikes on the market.

The suspension is handled by the dependable Fox RP23 air shock that gives you maximum control over how stiff your setup is. The spring rate curve is pretty linear allowing the natural progressiveness of the RP23 to work it’s magic. The result is a bike that has excellent small bump sensitivity that remains extremely responsive and ramps up nicely at the end of the stroke.

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