Haro Steel Reserve 1.1

Look at this Kickass $480 26″ machine!  Hands down the best bike this year for your money.  It comes in two sizes and is ready to throw on a fork at a later date.  Buy it, Ride it, and upgrade it later.

4130 double-butted chromoly frame with horizontal drop outs
Nothing rides quite like steel does! The Steel Reserve frame was designed specifically for urban, dirt jump, and park riding with the input of our pro athletes Greg Watts, Eric Porter, and Phil Sundbaum. It’s like a BMX bike with big wheels.

Cromoly rigid dirt jump specific fork, suspension corrected
Keeping it simple and efficient, we chose a heat-treated, full-chromoly rigid fork for the Steel Reserve 1.1. This is the same fork we use on many of our BMX bikes, but lengthened the legs to accommodate the bigger wheel size.

BMX-style 8-spline 4130 chromoly tubular cranks with 12T rear cog
These are the same bombproof cranks we use on our BMX bikes. We also took the liberty of “borrowing” the 25 x 12 microdrive gearing from the BMX guys as well.

Tektro IO mechanical disc brakes
Once you try disc brakes, you’ll never go back to v-brakes. The Tektro IO mechanical disc brake system is reliable and doesn’t lose stopping power in wet, muddy, or dusty conditions.

Kenda K-Rad 2.3 tires
The Kenda K-Rad is a favorite tire among BMX riders because they roll fast and hook up nicely. Now they are available for bigger wheels and are quickly gaining popularity with the MTB crowd.

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