Sturmey-Archer’s 2 speed kickback hub now available!

At g.h.y. bikes we love innovation in all aspects especially if they are past innovations that have been re-invented or re-engineered to perform for today’s standards. Thus we LOVE the 2 speed kickback hub from sturmey-archer!

AJ has a beautiful vintage Trek conversion with a B2C hub and chocolate brown parts that he uses to get around town.

And here is Mateo’s FBM Sword that he has built into his own style of cruiser with a B2C hub for Nyte Rydez.

Here is Mateo’s Sword after trying to mud bog in a giant culvert during a Nyte Ryde.

Here is the insides of Mateo’s B2C hub during re-build after attempting the mud bog (notice @ g.h.y. our S2C rebuilds are exclusively done under the influence of hot dog hum-bao.)

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