2012 We The People Champ 26″

It’s safe to say that a wethepeople 20″ BMX was never designed for sitting down on, they are designed for tricks and to withstand full on street and ramp abuse every day. A 26″ cruiser can be used for many things… they are great when you just want to glide to the shops, or pick up a coffee, they are even better if you have recently had an injury and need to work on pumping your muscles up and keeping fit, whatever your option, wethepeople have created a beautiful 26″ cruiser that is made for whatever you require it for.

Just because it’s not 20″ doesn’t mean we cannot treat it with Pro level parts, the Champ Cruiser currently carries a pair of éclat “Slash” nylon/fiberglass pedals, an integrated headset/mid size SB BB, a saltplus full CNC stem, saltplus “Echo” full CNC alloy sprocket, wethepeople “The Bel Air” pivotal seat and a sweet set of salt double walled rims for front and rear. These amazing parts wrap themselve perfectly around the full crmo 26″ frame, fork and handlebars.

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