2012 We The People Seed 16″

BMX is all about progression and progression starts with the smallest steps. The Seed is especially designed for our little riders… The frame geometry perfectly suits to the physical constitution of kids and facilitates a quick start into the “freestyle trick world!” It comes with the appropriate 25t/10t gearing, salt junior nylon/fiberglass pedals and most importantly a salt kid sized brake lever for those petite fingers. Although the size is different, not a single thing has been compromised. You’ll notice the Seed comes with an integrated headset, a full bearing cassette hub and a short offset stem. We also created a unique 16″ tire called the Strike from salt, this is something you won’t find anywhere else on the market.If you can’t wait to ride a bigger boys bike then don’t bother waiting, the Seed is all you need to start.

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2 Responses to 2012 We The People Seed 16″

  1. Panayiotis Nikitopoulos says:


    Merry christmass and happy new year!

    this amazing bike seed 16″, i would like to buy for my son almost 4 years, 110cm high.

    Some questions please:
    -can I buy directly from you?

    best regards,

    Panayiotis Nikitopoulos

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