GHY Is Your HQ For High End Freewheels

Freewheels have come along way since the 80’s and we just had one of the nicest ones currently available come in. Here’s a little about the company behind the most recent evolution of the freewheel…

“We are one of the few remaining bicycle component manufactures proudly manufacturing our products here in the USA.   Since the inception of White Industries in 1978, our precision CNC components have been designed, engineered, and manufactured in Northern California.  We take pride in the components we manufacture and invite you to enter our site and view our  product line.” -White Industries (

The Freewheel that just came in is the ENO Trials edition and here is what White Industries wants to tell you about it!

“The trials specific ENO freewheel was developed specifically for trials riding.  Typically the trials freewheel is installed on the crank arm and a fixed gear is used at the hub.  The two main issues with trials is quick engagement and durability of the freewheel.  The trials version addresses both of these concerns.  We have designed a specific outer gear case that is beefier than our standard freewheel.  The case, like all our freewheels, is made out of 8620 steel, case hardened and then electroless nickel plated.  In short, made to last.  The engagement system is a six pawl system yielding 72 points of engagement, double that of our standard freewheel.  Can this freewheel be used in a typical single speed non trials application?  Certainly.  Available in 18t, 20t, and 22t only.  Made in the USA.” – White Industries (

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