Winter Is Just Around The Corner, Is Your Bike Ready?

Its about this time of the year we need to look at our bikes and bike riding apparel and see what needs to be changed to fit the weather of the season. Here is a small list of must haves that are in stock at g.h.y. Bikes!Waterproof bags – We stock many different types of bags but with the cold wet weather closing in it is important that your bags are weather proof. One of our favorite bags are the vinyl roll top Axiom panniers and we regularly stock them in multiple sizes and in bright colors for high visibility.

Fenders & Mud Flaps – We Stock many colors and sizes of fenders year round to fit your bike. Fenders not only keep you dry but keep mud & road grime off your bicycle and by doing so keeps repair cost to a minimum and makes parts last much longer.

Rain gear – Although we put it away during the summer months we always have “o2” brand rain gear in stock. We carry this brand because we have found it to be the most waterproof, breathable & flexible for the money. It stands up to years of use & abuse that any bicycle commuter can dish out.

Tires – There are many options for winter tires but one of the most popular during the deep freezes we get in the northwest is the Schwalbe Marathon Winter. It is a studded tire that bites into the ice and prevents your bike from slipping out from underneath you.

For these items and more suggestions stop by the shop and we will set you up for safe riding this winter!

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