Easton Havoc 35 Components Bigger, Stronger, Lighter!


The Havoc 35mm components from Easton

Yep, I know…Haters gonna hate “Why another bar size!?” The answer is simple.  Its all in a quest for rigidity.  BMX race bikes are going to be coming out with 31.8 Alloy bars and mountain bikers are running 30″+ wide bars.  There is a need.

Easton has been in the business of manufacturing sports equipment for many years with their own patented aluminum tubing that is regarded as some of the best used in the bicycle industry. With all that they have learned over the years of manufacturing cutting edge alloys and leading the way in sports equipment manufacturing they are changing the mountain bike game this year with the Havoc 35 line of components. The group set consists of two different handlebars and two different stems available in four different colors. The Idea behind the Havoc 35 components is to take the wide bar trend and make it slightly more functional. Longer, Wider, Stiffer, lighter than anything on the market, install a Havoc 35 group on your bike and notice better handling on the first run!

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