We Are The Hub For Hubs!

We have 4 of the nicest rear MTB hubs on hand at all times so you can come in and decide what you want us to build into your new wheelset!

Here Is a Little about each of the 4 main companies we carry on hand for higher end hubs.


Designed, Made, and Tested in Barnoldswick – England

With our product development and improvement being a hugely important part of our business, our technical excellence and unrivalled customer service holds the key to producing products of the highest quality and value for money.

Everything is made in the Barnoldswick Factory (with the exception of electronics in the lights, rubber seals, pad material, hose and bearings) right down to the connectors, shims, pawls and other small parts that go into making the finished piece. The Warranty on Hope hubs is addressed on a case by case basis.


Hadley Racing Products is located in Upland, California. The hubs are designed and manufactured in the USA by Michael Hadley. They are built out of the highest quality materials available and backed by a 3 year warranty.

Profile Racing

Profile Racing has been around forever. They started out as a race car chassis shop in Flemington, New Jersey way back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. In the mid 70’s they moved to Florida where the race car season ran year round.

In Florida, the sport of BMX was also pretty big and ran year round. The owner Profile had a son and a daughter who got into BMX in the late 70’s. By the early 1980’s Profile started making their famous 3-piece chromolly cranks, as well frames.

Around this time – early and mid 80’s Redline cranks ruled the market. They were just as strong as Profiles, but had a better design. Much easier to install or remove, and much easier to maintenance Redline was also one of the biggest companies, and all the pros ran Redline cranks.

By the late 80’s the BMX industry was down, all the companies were going to Taiwan and making cheap junk, Redline was sold and the new owners could not duplicate the quality or design of the original Redline products, so that was the end of an era for Redline, Gone was legendary quality and designs, a cheap new line of Taiwan an poorly produced US products were here to stay.

But, back to Profile – They never compromised on their products. They stayed true to the sport and to their customers, and continued to make top quality US made parts and accessories. Throughout the 90’s Profile took over the crank market and still rule today. They even made cranks for GT At the time. GT was huge and to make a product for them was a BIG deal.

Today Profile is still based in Florida, is a family run business, and continues to make only the best quality BMX cranks, parts and accessories on the market.

Chris King

Chris King hubs have a well-earned reputation in the marketplace. Whether for their long-wearing durability or their ease of service, King hubs are a favorite of shop mechanics and tech editors the world over. But strength and durability do not come at a performance cost. King hubs are as fast as any hub in the game. Even with a legendary sealing system that affords a 5-year warranty in all conditions, King hubs have rolled to numerous professional wins on and off road.

Inside the hubshells, the business transaction of putting your power to work, is where you’ll find what matter most. Yes, everyone loves our colors, but it’s our bearings, axles and engagement system that have earned the trust of discerning cyclists. We make our own bearings in-house, each hand-checked for precision and built with a robust sealing system. Best of all? Service them yourself! Our strong, constant diameter axles run through the bearings to the frame and fork dropouts for precise handling and stiffness under power.

Every King rear hub is powered by Chris’s patented RingDrive™ engagement system. This unique design offers instant, positive engagement that is over 3 times quicker than a standard 24-tooth pawl-type freehub. RingDrive™ uses 72 engagement teeth on stainless steel drive and driven rings for a system that is capable of handling torque load of over 800 ft/lbs. Our R45 road racing hub has it’s own 45-tooth stainless steel RingDrive™ for further reduced drag and noise.

Make no mistake, strong, durable hubs do not translate to slow. The R45 has been ridden to over 100 professional and elite victories since its introduction in 2010. In 2011, King ISO hubs have been ridden to 2 World Cup Downhill victories by the Santa Cruz Syndicate, 3 Crankworx wins by Brian Lopes (Ibis), and victories at Trans-Andes, Transylvania Epic (3 stages), & BC Bike Race (3 stages) by Team Jamis.

We offer hubs for nearly every discipline from BMX to MTB to CX to Road including tandem.

Every Chris King hub carries a 5-year warranty and is available in 10 anodized colors

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