1982 called & they are bringing style back!

One of the biggest names in BMX is Bob Haro & the reason for the big name is his Haro Freestyler. Now available at g.h.y. bikes is the 30th anniversary limited production Haro Freestyle frame set

30th Anniversary Haro Freestyler

In the summer of 1981, Bob Haro and fellow Haro Trick team member Bob Morales set out on a three-month tour of the United States to promote BMX Freestyle to the youth of America. They travelled in a new Dodge truck, decorated in the Haro team colors and covered almost 18,000 miles over the period. During the long days and nights on the road, Haro shared with Morales his vision and desire to create a dedicated frame and fork combination specifically for the future development of Freestyle riding. The frame would be marketed and sold as a Haro product, and on his return to California, Haro pitched the idea to his frame sponsor, Torker BMX.

A deal was struck and a period of prototyping and refinement began, with Haro, Morales and a young headline maker named Eddie Fiola all testing the frame at skate parks south of Los Angeles. The finished design entered full production at the Torker facility in Fullerton, California in the summer of 1982, and would mark one of the most important moments in the history of Freestyle BMX.

To celebrate the 30th year anniversary of the Haro Freestyler, Haro Bikes has reproduced a limited number of First Generation frame and fork sets for sale to collectors and enthusiasts. The frames have been produced entirely in the United States; using U.S Made 4130 chromoly tubing, and referencing the original Torker produced blue print for authenticity and historical accuracy. – Haro Bicylces

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