Transiton Bike Co. Klunkers Are Here And So Is Your Choice Of Upgrade Parts!


America wanted Klunkers, Transition bike co. built them & g.h.y bikes is here to help support them in aftermarket or get you the parts you need to custom build yours.

The most important component in a klunker is the rear hub. the quality will dictate drive and brake engagement, lets face it if you have spent anytime on a coaster brake hub you will understand what it means to have a good quality brake.

We sourced the only high quality coaster brake hub on the market and traveled all the way to the former soviet union to get them for you comrade… all in the name of klunkin!

The company behind the current evolution of the coaster brake hub is Velosteel out of the Czech Republic. In order to understand what the big differences are between Velosteels hubs and everything else you would have to see them side by side or have serviced a coaster brake hub and as A Lot of people haven’t you are just gonna have to take our word on this…

Standard coaster brake hubs use small brake shoes that just float around inside the hub shell creating drag when coasting and coasting when trying to stop… NOT GOOD!

The Velosteel brake shoes are twice the size of the other guys and they are held together with a spring clip so that the pads are held away from the hub shell and the clutch has rollers on it for smoother operation & to eliminate drag when you are coasting or crankin… VERY GOOD!

Your standard coaster brake cog has 3 index points to hold it in place and a snap ring to hold it on. we have seen problems with this setup in the past because the 3 index points will strip out the hub and just spin or the snap ring wont sit properly in the groove and will allow the cog to come off… NOT GOOD!

The Velosteel drive gear is the same as a fixed gear bike, it uses a thread on cog (your choice of sizes from 12t up to 23t) and a lock ring that threads on the opposite direction to hold your cog on and give you more precise and positive brake feel… VERY GOOD!

So come on down and get your Velosteel hub today for your klunker!

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