Coasting Down a Volcano

I was lucky enough to stop by Crater Cycles in Maui.  I was not even planning on riding (notice the slip on checkered Vans).  Neal, the owner said he had a bike to rent and a map for a 7000 ft. shuttleable descent.  He was not allowed to take me but said I should be able to manage finding the bottom.  So the solo mission was on!  (Sorry it is all helmet cam but the views were amazing)

Maui Mt. Haleakala on a Bike from Go Huck Yourself & g.h.y. bikes on Vimeo.

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One Response to Coasting Down a Volcano

  1. nate j says:

    Did that ride down Mt. Haleakala a few years back too. Definitely one of my top 10 experiences in my life.

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