Fat Bike Fenders

As the fat bike craze sweeps across the nation and from what we have seen is currently happening in the Pacific Northwest, There is now a need for fat fenders more than ever before & For this D.Fender USA has came to the rescue! Now i know what you are thinking… “i have a friend that makes them out of milk jugs” or “wow its rip off of the one from the UK” well we are here to tell you that your friends milk jug fender isn’t finished even half as nicely and ohhh that one out of the UK, you wanna know whats wrong with it… it doesn’t offer sufficient coverage for fat bike tires & its not made in America! We got our first sample fender from D.Fender and it is out getting muddy right now! But as for price, looks, construction, finish and projected durability (should have a full review soon) its a solid 8 out of 10! We would like to see the fender shipped with black UV resistant zip ties (white can dry up and fall off on the trail) for mounting and a free sticker but i hear thats coming on the next batch! These are available at ghy bikes and THEY ALSO FIT DOWNHILL FORKS!http://dfenderguard.bigcartel.com/

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