Wolftooth 16T Cassette Cog Back In Stock

We just got the wolftooth 16t cassette cogs back in stock! Here is how wolftooth explains the accompanied use of this product along side the 40t or 42t cassette cogs…

“We did our homework on this cog and we think you will be pleased with the result! This 16t cog smooths out the cog to cog transition when using the 40t or 42t GC and a standard 11-36 cassette. You should expect this to shift well and last as long as the rest of your cassette cogs of similar size.

Here are the transitions WITHOUT the 16t cog (4 tooth max jump):
Remove the 15t -> 11-13-17-19….

Remove the 17t -> 11-13-15-19…

Here are the transitions WITH the 16t cog (3 tooth max jump):

Remove 15t & 17t-> 11-13-16-19…”


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