We stock Chainrings with the Narrow/Wide (N/W) tooth profile from both Raceface and Wolftooth Components

I have been asked why we have two different manufacturers and why the Wolftooth components are a little more expensive, here are some answers.

As the wet weather sets in around the PNW, drivetrains are getting dirty and you may see a problem with your 1x setup… chain drop!

This happens because for two reasons… N/W profile teeth offer just the right tolerances to let a¬†10/11 speed chain slip on and when your chain or chainring is dirty the chain won’t sit down on the teeth, creating what we call chain climb and eventually chain drop.

Another cause of chain drop can be related to wear on your chainring. Because of the tight tolerances the wide profile tooth of your N/W ring takes a beating, upon inspecting many used chainrings i have found that depending on riding conditions and how often you clean your drivetrain they last about 1 year before the wide profile tooth is worn out of spec and could more easily create chain drop.

First remedy for decreasing likely hood of chain drop is simply clean your chain regularly and use a lightweight wax type chain lube. (I prefer Maxima Racings chain wax)

Second is to replace your chainring once a year.

Third is run a chainguide… kind of defeating the purpose for the N/W ring

Fourth way to prevent any problems is just buy a Wolftooth chainring!

Wolftooth components are all made with integrity in america! Although Wolftooth cannot guarantee you will never drop a chain, they will guarantee that you have the highest quality N/W chainring available and free of defects in craftsmanship.

Wolftooth now offers a Stainless steel chainring option for quite a bit more money, it is a little less than twice the price of their alloy ring but will have over four times the lifespan and its beautiful!

All wolftooth chainrings have a built in mud purging design to prevent chain climb and reduce friction for smooth operating.

Stop in to the store today and compare a wolftooth chainring to what you are running and checkout the rest of their product line.

Close Up Diagram Wolf Tooth Chainring

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