Take a second. Enjoy this amazing video of our new rider Kialani Hines. Thanks to Vince Smith for the visuals.

A New Chapter with Kialani HInes from Go Huck Yourself & g.h.y. bikes on Vimeo.

I’m very excited to have had the opportunity to create a video highlighting my transition from BMX racing into the mountain biking world. This was my first experience with filming and I’m glad I got to work with someone like Vince to make it easy and fun! I’ve enjoyed racing BMX for the last ten years but sometimes you have to take a new direction to keep things interesting. My transition into DH racing has been one of the most exciting decisions of my riding career and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for me! Huge thank you to GHY bikes for making this video possible and to Vince for the rad edit!
-Kialani Hines


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