Here at g.h.y bikes we carry many brands in order to find you, the consumer the best bike at your price range.  Our shop does not believe in being dictated on what brands we carry in our store.  We try to choose companies that are local or that just can’t be beat.  Here are some of the bikes we carry!

Atomlab – (online catalog)

Black Market – (online catalog)

Charge – (online catalog)

Diamondback – (online catalog)

Eastern – (online catalog)

Electra – (online catalog)

Felt – (online catalog)

Fit – (online catalog)

Haro – (online catalog)

Intense – (online catalog)

KHE – (online catalog)

Norco – (online catalog)

Pake – (online catalog)

Raleigh – (online catalog)

Redline – (online catalog)

S and M – (online catalog)

Soma – (online catalog)

Stolen – (online catalog)

Sun – (online catalog)

Sunday – (online catalog)

Surly – (online catalog)

Transition – (online catalog)

Verde – (online catalog)

Voodoo – (online catalog)

We the People WTP – (online catalog)

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